Loglang Interviews Planning

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Loglang Interviews Planning

This page is to gather ideas for a interviewing people deeply involved in loglangs, to record their stories for posterity.

General Questions

  • In your opinion, what makes a language logical?
  • How did you become interested in conlangs, and in loglangs more specifically?
  • Are you more interested in learning/speaking/using loglangs, or in creating/designing/building loglangs?
  • How do you think loglangs will influcene the world?

People and Individual Questions

Bob 'Lojbab' LeChevalier

Nora Lechevalier

John 'pycyn' Clifford

John Cowan

Jorge 'Xorxes' Llambías

Nick Nicholas

Rick Morneau

John Quijada

Pierre 'phma' Abbat

And Rosta