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This page describes policies and conventions adopted by the Logical Languages Wiki (LLWiki) with respect to copyright, attribution, and related matters.


By default, the LLWiki adopts the entirety of Wikipedia's Copyright Policy as its own. Any adjustment that needs to be made to this Policy will be indicated on this page, and in case of conflict any adjustment indicated on this page will supersede the Wikipedia policy.


All content on the LLWiki, excluding its names, logos, and any other seals, is licensed under the full text of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

Attribution Guidelines

At the end of every article, there will be a Sources section to indicate the external sources (and only external sources) of material used in the article. Internet-based sources will be identified by name and URL. Non-Internet-based sources will be identified using a standard citation notation. For all sources, there will be a brief description of the general content and scope of the material used in the article.

The exact external sources of specific bits of material that are not general knowledge should be indicated by footnote. A References section will appear after the Sources section. The footnotes will be formatted in a conventional fashion.