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This table enumerates the various persons participating on the LLWiki.

If you are signed up, feel free to add yourself to the bottom of this table.

Main name Real name Other names Country Natlangs spoken Conlangs spoken Conlangs created Personal link
uakci Poland Polish, English, Japanese Lojban, Toaq Tcaingwaq
And Rosta And Rosta Great Britain English Livagian
maiku Mike [S.] .maik., maıkū. etc. United States English MULL (Mike's unfinished logical language) None yet
Ilmen Ntsékees, la_menli France French, English, Spanish, Japanese Lojban, Toaq, Esperanto, a bit of Ithkuil (Yet to be named)
DerSaidin Andrew Browne English
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