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== See also ==
== See also ==

Editors should also review the LLWiki's '''[[LLWiki:About|About]]''' and '''[[LLWiki:Copyrights|Copyrights]]''' pages.
Editors should also review the LLWiki's '''[[Meta:About|About]]''' and '''[[Meta:Copyrights|Copyrights]]''' pages.


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This page contains a list of guidelines for editors of the Logical Languages Wiki (a.k.a. the LLWiki).

Guideline list

The guidelines for LLWiki editors are as follows:

  • All articles should be relevant to logical languages or the LLL.
  • Articles should not reflect any specific author or authors' opinion.
    • Widely known facts do not need any special treatment unless their veracity is debatable.
    • Non-obvious information should be either tagged with a reference (in-place if relevant, or with a <ref> tag) to a second-hand or third-hand source or explained in situ.
    • If an article contains too many subjective claims, it should be marked with the ‘Opinion’ template.
      • The wiki may host thinkpieces, essays, or treatises created by one of its authors (Template:Own) or ‘reprinted’ from elsewhere (Template:Borrowed); in the latter case, the rights for the reprinting should be secured.
  • Editors are encouraged to make changes they consider just (rollbacks don't cost any effort).
  • Please do not use bold for strips of loglang text; it disrupts reading and confused the reader. Use italics instead.

See also

Editors should also review the LLWiki's About and Copyrights pages.

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