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April 13, 2020

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new project, the Logical Languages Wiki (LLWiki) located at

The LLWiki was created to:

  • facilitate the study of constructed, human-speakable logical languages (“loglangs”), and related topics such as logic and linguistics;
  • document and preserve logical language specimens; and
  • provide public resources useful to logical language creators, learners and researchers.

In addition to the LLWiki, we have set up social media venues to allow the logical languages community to communicate and socialize. You can communicate with us and other “loglangers” at these sites:

As a newly created project, the LLWiki is just getting started and the content created so far is scant, but there is activity and there are plans to add more. We are currently working on describing some attested logical languages and building a comparative table of logical languages.

Additional software projects, social media venues and websites may be announced in the future. All people interested in logical languages research, activities and discussion are welcome and invited to join us!


Maiku, uakci, [add your name here or say in Discord if you wish to sign]