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created in: 2020
by: mia entropy
influenced by:Lojban, Toaq

Eberban ([ʔe.ber.ban]) is a logical language created by mia entropy in 2020.



The Eberban alphabet
IPA h n, ŋ r, ɹ, ɾ, ʀ, ʁ l m p b f v t d s z ʃ, ʂ ʒ, ʐ k g i, j ɛ, e a, ɑ o, ɔ u, w ʔ or pause
Latin h n r l m p b f v t d s z c j k g i e a o u '



Eberban vowel phonemes
Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e o
Open a


Eberban consonant phonemes
labial interdental alveolar palatal velar glottal
plosive p b t d k g '
fricative f v s z c j h
nasal m n
lateral l
rhotic r