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I am Mike, a.k.a. Mike S., a.k.a. maiku or maıkū, a.k.a. Maik or .maik., much less often a.k.a. maikxlx, which is no longer my name in my constructed language nor a valid word in it but which I am stuck with because it's in my email address.

You can leave a message on my talk page.

My email address can be gotten from maikxlx gmail com by sticking the appropriate ASCII characters where the spaces are.


My constructed language had the codename MULL, which stands for Mike's Unfinished Logical Language; more currently it's called MLL3, which stands for Maiku's logical language, version 3.


MLL3 is developed in the LLL; you should probably already be there (here's an invite).


Language description

  • 1. Introduction (forthcoming)
  • 2. Sounds and script: (gdoc)
  • 3. Word anatomy: (gdoc)
  • 4. Coining Morphemes: (gdoc)
  • 5. Derivation (forthcoming)
  • 6. Basic syntax (forthcoming)

Spreadsheet of words: (gdoc)

Other notes: User:Maiku/MLL3_design_notes