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Born in 1997. Male, lifelong resident of the New England region of the United States. Engineered-language enthusiast since around 2014. Projects:

  • a phonology/morphology/orthography for a logical language, provisionally called Lido (for "Lojban-ido"), the monograph for which I'm about a quarter of the way through writing;
  • a series of YouTube videos in which the Lojban pronunciation, English definition and an illustration is given for each Lojban gismu (and its rafsi) — visuals completed, audio not yet started;
  • an ill-conceived compendium/encyclopedia/directory of engineered languages — now obviated by this Wiki, I'm pleased to say.

My real pseudonym is H. Task. My email address is read as "selguha at gmail dot com." I am selgu'a on the Logical Languages Lodge Discord, and u/selguha on Reddit.