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This page contains the '''goals of the Logical Languages Wiki''' (a.k.a. the LLWiki).
This page contains information '''about the Logical Languages Wiki''' (a.k.a. the LLWiki).

== LLWiki Goals and Non-goals ==
== LLWiki Goals and Non-goals ==

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This page contains information about the Logical Languages Wiki (a.k.a. the LLWiki).

LLWiki Goals and Non-goals

The LLWiki is established to:

  • study constructed, human-speakable logical languages (“loglangs”), and related topics such as logic and linguistics;
  • document and preserve logical language specimens; and
  • provide public resources useful to logical language creators, learners and researchers.

The LLWiki does not intend to:

  • create or regulate any particular logical language(s);
  • have affiliation with any particular logical language(s); or
  • advocate any particular position, theory, or design option as superior to others. The LLWiki will only capture alternative views and describe them.

See also

Editors should also review the LLWiki's Guidelines and our Copyrights pages.