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Welcome to the Logical Languages Portal!

This page provides a departure point both into the content of the Logical Languages Wiki (LLWiki) and into the greater world of logical languages on the Internet.

Logical Languages News
  • 2020-04-16: Logical Languages Wiki Announced to the World
Logical Languages Discord and other logical-languages things also announced. Read the full press release here.
  • 2020-04-10: Logical Languages Portal comes into existence
We are inching forward! Will the existence of the logical languages projects be announced to the world soon? Check in next week to find out.
Explore the LLWiki
The LLWiki is just getting started, so the content so far is scant, but we are working and there are plans to add more.

The beginnings of some articles of interest:

The following table is the one portal that we have created so far; its articles are the current focus of activity.

Language Descriptions
Logical Languages

Loglan (1955)[stub]Lojban (1987)[stub]Voksigid (1991)[stub]Gua\spi (1991)[stub]Liva (1995)[stub]Lojsk (2002)[stub]X-1 (2005)[stub]Trari (2009)[stub]Xorban (2012)[stub]Toaq (2013)[stub]Tanbau (2014)[stub]Eberban (2020)[stub] Xextan (2022)[stub]

Other Languages

Ceqli (1996)[stub]Latejami (1995)[stub]New Ithkuil (2023)[stub]CycL (?)[stub]IKL (?)[stub]

External Links
The following tables constitute a portal into the greater world of logical languages outside the LLWiki.
General Projects and Community
Discord Logical Languages Lodge: A relatively active chat server; all loglangs enthusiasts are invited.
Google docsLoglangs list: A summary of just about every known loglang project.
Predilex: A database of predicate definitions with cross-linkings between lexemes from several major loglangs.
Loglang parallel translations: Color-coded comparisons of sentences rendered in certain loglangs.
Github /logical-languages: Loglang projects hosted at Github. Not very active yet.
Google Groups g/loglangs: Logical Languages mailing list. Not very active.
Reddit r/loglangs: Logical Languages discussion at Reddit. Occasional activity.
Other "loglang" page at Lojban Wiki: Includes a list of loglangs.
Active Logical Languages
Loglan (1955) Well developed; in use (somewhat). Loglan main page.
Lojban (1987) Well developed, albeit with variants; in use. Lojban wiki main page Lojban reference grammar Discord (Original) Discord (Roljbogu'e).
Toaq (2013) Approaching well developed state; in use. Toaq main page Toaq Discord.
Eberban (2020) WIP. Eberban GitHub repository Eberban Discord.
Hýyban (2021) WIP. Resources.
Yaıgawe (2021) WIP. GitHub repository.
Grog (2021) WIP. Description #1, Description #2.
Nahaıwa (2021) WIP. Documentation, GitHub repository.
Medial (2022) WIP. Documentation.
Lumbe (2022) WIP. Documentation.
Inactive Logical Languages
Gua\spi (1989) Well developed; has been in use. Gua\spi main page (at author's website) Mailing list (formerly active) A video narrated in Guaspi A blog series about Guaspi
Plan B (1990) Draft. Documentation.
Voksigid (1991) Draft abandoned early in development. Voksigid website (at archive.org)
Liva (1995) Well developed grammar; sparse lexicon. Liva website (at archive.org)
YALL (≤2002) Draft. Documentation.
Lojsk (2002) Well developed grammar and lexicon with questionable SSM. Lojsk description (at Lojban wiki)
Logsan (2005) Draft. Documentation.
X-1 (2005) Draft. X-1 description (at Lojban wiki)
Lojban++ (2006) Draft. PDF #1, PDF #2
Trari (2009) Draft. Trari description (at Lojban wiki)
L’ewa (2008~2010) Draft. Documentation.
Xorban (2012) Partially developed grammar; ad-hoc lexicon. Xorban main page
Tanbau (2014) Draft. A description of Tanbau
Priloj (2016) Draft. Priloj reddit with links to documentation.
Gabesh (2020) Draft. Only known documentation
:Mian (2020) ??? Only known documentation
Formal Languages
CycL (?) CycL at Wikipedia
IKL (?) IKL main page